Why Rowing Machine’s are Not Popular

Go to the local store and look for the fitness machines, and you can find hundreds of fitness equipment which are meant for multiple muscle groups and cardio exercises. If your plan is to workout every day and gets the best results, then there are plenty of different options for a regular exercise.

You can tag along with your trainer with you and ask him for his expertise in buying the right one for you but there are several types of equipment which are underrated, and many do not know about it. You cannot even find these underrated machines in the local gyms.


There is no denying that the Rowing machine is underrated and has not recognized as a decent cardio machine in the books of fitness. You can find them in posh GYM’s where celebs exercise every day, but in several countries, they are not sold by the manufacturers due to the unpopularity.

R.M stands top on the unrated fitness equipment’s list.

Why Are Rowing Machines Not Popular?

We always look for BRANDS, who is selling the machine to a particular country and people buy them because equipment being unrated, and we are going to reveal those petty reasons which had a bad impact on many people point of view.


The first reason behind the unpopularity of R.M is BRANDS. When a new product has launched any country, then the brands will invest their fortune into the market for promotions. In the fitness world, the brands invest into the promotions via Trainers and traditional GYM trainers. The same promotions which had used for the Treadmill when were launched in India.

Currently, many brands are selling the R.M in India and other countries, but they are investing into the promotions because they are not confident that they are going to get their money back anytime soon. You can also check how you can burn 1500 calories with an elliptical machine easily.

Learning Required

The second reason why it’s not popular among the GYM’s because they machine requires proper guidance and almost 60% of the trainers in the world don’t know how to use the R.M correctly.

Learning the right way is not difficult, but the trainers have no faith on the R.M at all because they have not tried it at all. Promotions are required, which BRANDS have to come forward, so the trainers are left with using the other machines.

Popularity & Low Impact

If you look at the market, then you can find Treadmill, Spin bike, Dumbbell and other workouts are extremely popular in many countries. Not only that they are known for results, isn’t that what people want from an R.M? Treadmill and spin does a great job, and people are happy with it. Nobody is ready to give a new fitness equipment a try.

Professional have misconceptions about the rowing machine, and that is they consider R.M is not a full-body workout machine, which is wrong. The impact is little but it does generate results and to boost the results they have to increase exercise time.


The price is not an issue because you can get R.M under $500, while Treadmill or Spin bike cost you over $500 or so. We would like to know your opinion, and you can use the comment box to share your suggestions.…